A favourite kitchen essential of many celebrity chefs and professional cooks, the SuperFast Thermapen® is made in Britain by ETI Ltd, the UK’s leader in the manufacture and design of electronic thermometers and temperature probes and recipients of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade in both 2012 and 2014. 

The Thermapen gives an accurate temperature reading in just three seconds. Stylish and easy to use and available in a range of stunning colours, it’s a must-have for all kitchens; whether you are a professional chef, technical baker, or just want to enjoy meat that is both succulent and cooked safely at home.

The Thermapen 4, includes a patented 360° self-rotating display that can be used in any position, in either hand.  The unit incorporates an intelligent backlit display sensing light levels, automatically turning the backlight on/off in varying light conditions, perfect for evening catering events, or where light is poor.  The motion-sensing sleep mode automatically turns the unit on/off when set down or picked up, maximising battery life.  The Thermapen case is waterproof and includes `Biomaster’ additive that reduces bacterial growth. The ergonomic rubber seal meanwhile minimises the risk of the ingress of water, dust or food.”

You can find out more about Thermapen 4 at; on Twitter: @thermapen_;on Facebook: SuperFast Thermapen Thermometer.